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25+ Years of Providing Clean Air Solutions

Did you know?

Introducing clean technology solutions

Questor creates innovative technology that helps companies meet their emissions reduction targets.

We service all types of industries

Our clean technology solutions have the ability to virtually eliminate waste gas pollution from industrial production.

Tampico Power Generation & Emission Reduction

Exceeding national emissions regulations

When Mexico updated it’s regulations to reduce methane and greenhouse gas emissions, Diavaz needed a partner to introduce modern, efficient systems and bring the facility up to industry standards. Learn how we worked with this organization to exceed the national emissions regulations.

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We are the first ETV-certified clean combustion company in the world!

ISO 14034 is an internationally recognized certificate that verifies the performance of innovative environmental technologies. This certification verified Questor’s performance claims of >99.99% combustion efficiency and H₂S destruction efficiency. We also developed a methodology to quantify greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of thermal combustors.

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