Plains Midstream & SNC-Lavalin

Plains Midstream Canada & SNC-Lavalin
Fractionation Facility Expansion

Fractionation facility expansion

Plains Midstream Canada and SNC-Lavalin needed a trusted partner to provide thermal oxidization process control for use in their Fort Saskatchewan facility in Alberta, Canada.


Plains Midstream Canada (Plains Midstream) is an industry-leading midstream services company that operates strategically located storage, processing and fractionation facilities, offering midstream and marketing services for crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products across North America.

The Problem

As part of a new facility, Plains Midstream was looking for a solution for Mercaptan oxidization (Merox) through waste gas combustion.

The Solution

Using client gas composition and flow rate(s), Questor was able to use combustion modelling to custom design a Q50 thermal oxidizer with >99.99% combustion efficiency. In so doing, Questor was able to completely eliminate the Merox process waste gas stream with no smoke, visible flame or odors at a cost effective price.

The Results
  • Best practice clean combustion at >99.99% efficiency
  • Providing safe environment for workers on site by completely removing harmful pollutants
  • Combustion of Merox process waste gas stream with no visible flame, no smoke and no odor

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