Diavaz & Pemex

Diavaz & Pemex
Power Generation & Emission Reduction

Exceeding national emissions regulations

When Mexico updated its regulations to reduce methane and greenhouse gas emissions, Diavaz needed a partner to introduce modern, efficient systems and bring the facility up to industry standards.


Diavaz is an organization based in Mexico, working in the construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore petroleum structures and installations. Diavas is made up of subsidiaries and companies created through alliances with national and international strategic partners.

The Problem

In order to reduce Mexico’s methane and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, companies are now required to install combustion systems that eliminate flaring and venting. Mexico’s National Hydrocarbon Council (CNH) issues permits for oil and gas industry producers and takes these new environmental standards into account when deciding whether to issue permits.

The Solution

Diavaz installed 13 Questor thermal oxidizers to replace existing methane venting practices. In addition, at three of these sites, the thermal oxidizers generate sufficient heat of combustion to power drilling operations. Questor is now installing three 200 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Power Generators (Island Power Solutions) to transform waste heat into usable power. What’s more, cogeneration is considered beneficial in the view of the National Hydrocarbon Council and helped ensure necessary permitting for existing and future Diavaz and Pemex projects.

The Results
  • Reduced Greenhouse gas emission by 1487 tons CO₂e/day with a >99.99% efficiency combustion rate
  • Ensured regulatory compliance and facilitating permitting for existing and future projects

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