Q – Series

Q – Series leads the way in waste gas combustion

Achieve environmental compliance and discover operational savings by turning your waste gas into usable power. Our thermal oxidizer technology has a greater than 99.99% combustion efficiency, meets or exceeds all regulatory standards, and is a step ahead in clean technology.

How does it work?

Q – Series 

Our Q – Series are quiet, have a small ecological footprint and eliminate >99.99% of harmful pollutants. This helps to ensure landowner acceptance and generate community trust. 

The Q – Series collects waste gas through its patented natural draw design. This design has no fans, blowers, or moving parts and is capable of accepting multiple gas streams to ensure lower maintenance and higher efficiency. Actual waste gas combustion occurs in stacks—also referred to as incinerators, thermal oxidizers, and combustors—without emitting any smoke, odor, or visible flames. Hot exit gases from the stacks are clean and readily available to utilize in other process improvements, such as utility heat, power generation, and wastewater purification. Questor ensures ongoing success by providing field services to maintain Q – Series stacks. Our engineering team supports clients at the design stage and with third-party engineering. 

Product Lines: Custom Units, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 


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