Reduce project costs and exceed compliance standards

Q – Series Rentals

A rental unit reduces cost as they require less fuel gas than flaring to combust low heat content gasses and they operate unmanned. All our Q – Series units have a >99.9% combustion efficiency, ensuring compliance standards are met and the community has confidence in your project.

Rental Applications

 We have the ability to solve any waste gas emission problem relating to the following industries;

  • Upstream, downstream and midstream operations
  • Loading (rail car, truck and ship)
  • Mining 
  • Agriculture
  • Waste and Water Treatment


  • Specialized transport trailer ensures rapid set-up and take-down and eliminates the need for expensive cranes for loading and unloading
  • Small footprint
  • Different sizing of combustors available
  • High and low pressure capabilities in one combustor

We support with technical assistance and have local rental pool bases throughout Western Canada, USA-Midwest, USA-Southwest, and USA-Northeast.

Contact us to get the best unit to meet your needs, day rates and long-term pricing are available.

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Field Rental & Combustion Services

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