Questor becomes the first ETV-certified clean combustion company in the world

Posted by on April 27, 2020


Today, we are pleased to announce that Questor Technology has acquired ISO14034 ETV certificate. This makes Questor the first ETV-certified clean combustion company in the world. ISO 14034 is an internationally recognized certificate that verifies the performance of innovative environmental technologies.

The project was supported by Standard Council of Canada and the certification issued by 350Solutions. The organization is the only company accredited by national accreditation board of ANSI, in the United States.

The evaluation process of ETV certification, verifies company’s performance claims according to the procedures outlined in ISO14034. In spite of increase in the global market demand to the clean products and services, there is lack of internationally recognized standards to show the performance of innovative technologies, which makes it hard for the user to decide between the options. This certification confirms that the performance of an innovative technology is approved by an independent third-party verifier, and according to a uniform procedure.

During this project, we verified Questor’s performance claims of 99.99% combustion efficiency and H2S destruction efficiency. We also developed a methodology to quantify greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of thermal combustors. The results of economic analysis confirmed that enclosed combustion of waste gas with high methane content, can generate carbon offset credits and supports climate change initiatives.

Historical data and rigorous statistical analysis is used verify the validity of the performance claims. All data were collected on client sites during operation or during the unit performance test runs for regulatory compliance.

This certification distinguishes products in the market and provides confidence for the clients to choose between the innovative technologies. Even, some organizations have an ETV procedure in their supply chain to ensure new products meet the required performance criteria. Deployment of a clean technology recognized by ISO14034, helps the users to get one step closer to their environmental social governance objectives. It also supports clean technology investment initiatives, where organizations seek to invest in the sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services.