We are a team of dedicated professionals with extensive backgrounds, ready to exceed your every expectation.

  • Audrey Mascarenhas

    Audrey Mascarenhas, M. Eng
    President & CEO

  • Ms. Audrey Mascarenhas the President and CEO of Questor Technology Inc. Audrey joined Questor in 1999. Prior to this, Audrey worked in the oil and gas industry during a 17-year tenure with Gulf Canada Resources Ltd., presently Conoco-Phillips. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering and holds a Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary.

John Sutherland, P. Eng
Chief Operating Officer

Dan Zivkusic, CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer

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  • Mr. Sutherland is a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience gained at multi-national corporations, the Alberta Energy Regulator and as a consulting engineer on various projects in the area of oil and natural gas exploration and production. He has designed and built facilities with a deep focus on all aspects of environment, health and safety in the process.

  • Mr. Zivkusic CPA, CMA is a multi-disciplined professional with over 20 years of oil and gas industry experience. Most recently he served as CFO for Reform Energy Services Corp. a private international company specializing in underbalanced drilling, managed pressure drilling and production testing/flowback business.

Lori Wright
Executive Assistant to Audrey Mascarenhas

Ritchie Stagg
Director, Sales

Dave Das
Director, Inside Sales

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  • Mr. Stagg has over 25 years of experience in sales and plays an integral role in the operations of Questor by working closely with both the engineering and technical field service teams on a daily basis.

  • With over 10 years of experience in sales, Mr. Das is the Director, Inside Sales at Questor.


Jeff Nelson, P. Eng
Engineering Manager

Justin Bouchard, EIT
Design Engineer

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Mike Rogne
Engineering & Field Services



Tristin Barrett

Carly Riehl
Administrative Assistant


Bob Miller
President, ClearPower Systems Inc.

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  • Bob was the co-founder of Turbogenix which subsequently merged with Calnetix, which successfully developed a 125 kW high speed waste heat generator. A market vertical license for this system was sold to G.E. in 20 11. Bob has a wide range of experience in multiple fields including ten years in the heat to power field, ten years in the packaged cogeneration industry, and twenty years in Mechanical Contracting. He brings insight and engineering know-how to ClearPower Inc. waste heat recovery system technology.

Kathy Walther
Administrative Assistant


James Inkster, Independent Chairman of the Board

Mr. James Inkster is Independent Chairman of the Board of Questor Technology Inc. He is an entrepreneur and is experienced in business management, supervision of accounting departments and financing arrangements. His experience with numerous community organizations includes oversight of budgeting and planning processes for capital projects.

Jean-Michel Gires, Independent Director

Mr. Jean-Michel Gires is an Independent Director of Questor Technology Inc. Mr. Gires had a long and distinguished career with Total, a global energy company and most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Total E&P Canada from 2009 through 2012. Prior to that, Mr. Gires served for three years as Executive Vice President of Sustainable Development & Environment at Total SA and as President at Total Energy Ventures International SAS.

Audrey Mascarenhas, President & CEO