Recognized as a best practice by several major US midstream companies, Questor incinerators provide significant operational savings through minimal fuel use, reduced footprint, no condensing while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Conoco Phillips selected Questor to provide a waste gas incinerator for the effective management of off gasses associated with its Blueberry facility

Three Q250 incinerators were selected to manage BTEX vapours from Hess’ Myrtle, Ross and Sorkness facilities in the Bakken.
Dominion Transmission
A Q250 incinerator was installed at Dominion’s Jones Station in West Virginia to effectively combust BTEX and VOCs.
Questor’s combustion efficiency of >99.99% ensures the safe and effective management of H2S ensuring regulatory compliance and community acceptance.

Kinder Morgan
Questor provided a Q3000 incinerator for the safe and effective management of amine regenerator off gasses.
As part of an extensive well abandonment program within Calgary, Questor provided a portable Q3000 incinerator to ensure the safe and effective management of H2S (34%)
Plains Midstream
A custom designed Q250 was installed at Plains Glen Ewen facility to manage an acid gas stream with an H2S content of 47%.
Waste gas combustion provides heat for use in various facility applications including glycol reboilers, storage tank and water vaporization.

ATCO Gas Calgary
To ensure public confidence within their maintenance program, ATCO Gas utilized a portable Q250 for use in combusting methane with no smoke, flame or odour.
Dakota Gasification
Dakota Gasification utilized two portable Q3000 incinerators for use their pipeline blowdown and maintenance projects.

Interpipeline Q3000

Two Q3000 incinerators were required for waste gas management during Inter Pipeline’s facility turnaround.

Questor incinerators are used extensively in the effective management of vapors from offloading facilities with no smoke, flame or odor.

Canexus selected Questor Technology Inc. to provide a Q3000 waste gas incinerator for use in a rail car loading/offloading facility in Bruderheim, Alberta
Kinder Morgan
Questor Technology Inc. provided three custom-designed Q5000 waste gas incinerators for use in a rail car loading/offloading facility in Edmonton, Alberta
Altex Energy
A customized Q3000 waste gas incinerator was selected for use in a truck/rail car loading/offloading facility in Lynton, Alberta
By premixing air and waste gas prior to combustion, rich gases are combusted effectively and reduced to simple products of combustion.

Indonesia Q3000
Questor Technology was requested to design and develop a waste gas incineration system for use in the effective management of five waste gas streams with one incinerator.
Samara-Nafta’s Zarechenskiy facility in Russia required effective management of an acid gas stream with an H2S content of 37% in order that the gas stream could be utilized.
Amerada Hess
Questor developed a waste gas incineration system and produced salt water boil-off tank for incorporation into the facility’s gas processing operations.

Questor’s patented design provides significant capital and operational cost savings in the management of VOCs. The absence of moving parts ensures a simple and reliable combustion system.

A custom designed Q250 incinerator was selected to effectively manage casing gas and tank vapours at Husky Energy’s McMullen facility.
NGC Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago derives a significant amount of its energy from the combustion of diesel and required the safe and effective combustion of off gasses associated with the process.

A custom designed Q500 incinerators was installed at Shell’s Rocky Mount House facility in order to effectively manage low pressure tank vapours.

While the combustion of landfill gases poses challenges for alternative combustion systems, QTI incinerators combust at >99.99% while providing an opportunity for power generation.

ENI Italy
Rigid environmental rules in Italy required the use of combustion technology to effectively manage associated waste gas from Schlumberger’s operations in Italy.
As a means of ensuring regulatory compliance and social acceptance, Extraction incorporated multiple portable Q5000 incinerators into their flowbacks and completions operations.
Sinopec China
Following numerous fatalities in its well testing operations, Sinopec looked to Questor to provide six custom-built Q3000 incinerators to ensure safe combustion of associated gas.


    • Dehydration facilities
    • Acid gas & tail gas
    • Tank vapors
    • Water vaporization
    • Low heat content gas
    • Railcar loading facilities
    • Well testing/workovers
    • Early production testing
    • Flowback
    • Facility/pipeline blowdowns
    • Well abandonments
    • Associated/solution gas

Our portable rental units are used for well tests, pipeline blowdowns and turnarounds. These units have the same proven reliability and combustion performance of our established permanent facility models. For more information please feel free to contact us or open the detailed rental brochure below.


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