Recognized as a best practice by several major US midstream companies, Questor incinerators provide significant operational savings through minimal fuel use, reduced footprint, no condensing while ensuring regulatory compliance.
CPS 561 with associated gas combustion
Questor’s combustion efficiency of >99.99% ensures the safe and effective management of H2S ensuring regulatory compliance and community acceptance.
CPS 561 with Package Turbine ORC Power Plant
Questor incinerators are used extensively in the effective management of vapors from offloading facilities with no smoke, flame or odor.
CPS 77 kW with Landfill/Coal Mine Gas Combustion
Questor’s patented design provides significant capital and operational cost savings in the management of VOCs. The absence of moving parts ensures a simple and reliable combustion system.
CPS 77 kW with Geothermal Energy