ConocoPhillips Canada
Montney Gas Plant

Safe combustion of H₂S

Regulations on SO₂ dispersion are more strict than ever making safe combustion of H₂S gas top of mind for many gas plants. We helped to solve these challenges at ConocoPhillips’ northern B.C. facility.

The Description

ConocoPhillips Canada is the Canadian division of ConocoPhillips, one of the world’s largest independent exploration and production companies.

The Problem

ConocoPhillips required a thermal oxidizer to combust acid gas from the amine unit at their gas processing plant. A very high H₂S concentration level was determined to be in the waste gas stream and special consideration was needed for ground level SO₂ dispersion.

The Solution

As part of a permanent facility Questor used our client specified waste gas composition and flow rate to determine efficient and compliant combustion and SO₂R dispersion modelling. We custom engineered and manufactured a 165′ thermal oxidizer tower to achieve a combustion efficiency of >99.99% and maintain regulatory and social acceptance.

The Results
  • H₂S gas was completely combusted for safety and met the stringent regulation on SO₂ dispersion
  • Best practice clean combustion at >99.99% efficiency
  • Providing safe environment for workers on site by completely removing harmful pollutants
  • Close spacing to other equipment reducing lease size required for plant
  • Regulatory compliance

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