Permanent Units

Questor Technology engineers each and every one of our proprietary incinerators to fit its specific application, based on gas composition and flow rates. In the case of sour gas incineration, an assessment of air quality is conducted. The results of this assessment determine the incinerator stack height requirements. The assessment is currently conducted using Screen 3 and ISC3, both U.S. EPA models recommended for use by Alberta Environment and the Alberta Energy Utilities Board.

Extensive third party testing has validated our combustion efficiency, internal temperatures, exit temperatures, and stack top velocity. Questor Incinerators have performed consistently with combustion efficiency in excess of 99.99%. They have been proven to be effective, reliable, economical, efficient, safe and easy-to-operate units for the disposal of waste gas. Test results are available upon request.

Portable Rental Units

Our portable rental units are used for well tests, pipeline blowdowns and turnarounds. These units have the same proven reliability and combustion performance of our established permanent facility models.  For more information please feel free to contact us or open the detailed rental brochure below.

Technical Field Services

Our dedicated and highly experienced in-house engineering team is always here for you and to further support our technical field service personnel in North America and internationally.

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Permanent Applications:

  • Gas Dehydration

    Recognized as a best practice by several major US midstream companies, Questor incinerators provide significant operational savings through minimal fuel use, reduced footprint, no condensing while ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Acid and Tail Gas

    Questor’s combustion efficiency of >99.99% ensures the safe and effective management of H2S ensuring regulatory compliance and community acceptance.

  • Railcar and Truck Loading

    Questor incinerators are used extensively in the effective management of vapors from offloading facilities with no smoke, flame or odor.

  • Tank Vapor Recovery

    Questor’s patented design provides significant capital and operational cost savings in the management of VOCs. The absence of moving parts ensures a simple and reliable combustion system.

  • Refinery and Gas Processing

    By premixing air and waste gas prior to combustion, rich gases are combusted effectively and reduced to simple products of combustion.

  • Landfills

    While the combustion of landfill gases poses challenges for alternative combustion systems, QTI incinerators combust at >99.99% while providing an opportunity for power generation.

  • Heat Utilization

    Waste gas combustion provides heat for use in various facility applications including glycol reboilers, storage tank and water vaporization.

Recent Testimonials

“We have used different incinerator companies but Questor definitely out performs all of them hands down. Over the past 5 years Questor has provided us with outstanding service, great technology and the most knowledge in the industry.

Our field supervisors find the Questor incinerator very easy to use especially with the changing conditions of a well when completions are being conducted. With the gas wells we test in Canada we strongly believe Questor is the incinerator of choice.

Customer Testimonial #1

“Our company and (our client) have explored several flare options in recent weeks. We have been looking for an (combustion) option that would meet the destruction efficiency, smokeless operation, low noise, and would also not require a condenser. We have reviewed the flares used on other projects and generated the attached chart.

This (system)is cheaper than flares used on other projects. The vendor will use waste heat from the flare to heat the incoming waste stream. This flare will not require a condenser, which will save tens of thousands of dollars in water disposal fees.

(The Company) recommends Questor Technology since it has the lowest cost, best delivery, and should have the lowest operations cost.

Customer Testimonial #2

The Questor Q500 has operated trouble free for 7 winters since we installed it. The only expenses have been for routine maintenance. No major maintenance or repairs have been required.”

Customer Testimonial #3

“I would like to commend your company on producing a very functional, efficient, easy to operate and maintain TOX for plant. The plant group has received excellent service and runtime, so much so that I requested and received another unit for the expansion project we are completing now.

(Your service technicians’)past efforts and service to this plant have been vital in a successful and timely commissioning.  (They) goes above and beyond to help us achieve success. 

It is a pleasure to work with competent and knowledgeable people with an excellent produ

Customer Testimonial #4