A Global Leader Providing The Best Available Waste Gas Incinerators and Thermal Oxidizers

Questor Technology Inc. is the industry leader in providing high efficiency, waste gas incinerators, thermal oxidizers and combustors.

For over twenty years, Questor has been providing our clients with innovative and cost effective clean air solutions in both permanent facilities as well as portable applications.

Specializing in the effective management of H2S, VOCs and BTEX gases, Questor incinerators are used worldwide in a variety of applications.

Questor’s patented incineration technology offers a combustion efficiency >99.99% while providing significant operational savings, reduced capital costs and regulatory compliance.


  • 99.99% combustion
  • GHG reduction
  • Public safety
  • Public confidence
  • Improved air quality
  • Compliance


  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced footprint
  • Wide application usage


  • H2S specialists
  • Heat recovery
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Operating ease
  • Low ground level heat emissions
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ClearPower designs and manufactures waste heat to power generation systems utilizing the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) with the goal of becoming the market leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of versatile, cost effective, prepackaged waste heat to power generation products.
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Recent Testimonials

“We have used different incinerator companies but Questor definitely out performs all of them hands down. Over the past 5 years Questor has provided us with outstanding service, great technology and the most knowledge in the industry.

Our field supervisors find the Questor incinerator very easy to use especially with the changing conditions of a well when completions are being conducted. With the gas wells we test in Canada we strongly believe Questor is the incinerator of choice. “

Customer Testimonial #1
“Our company and (our client) have explored several flare options in recent weeks. We have been looking for an (combustion) option that would meet the destruction efficiency, smokeless operation, low noise, and would also not require a condenser. We have reviewed the flares used on other projects and generated the attached chart.
This (system) is cheaper than flares used on other projects. The vendor will use waste heat from the flare to heat the incoming waste stream. This flare will not require a condenser, which will save tens of thousands of dollars in water disposal fees. (The Company) recommends Questor Technology since it has the lowest cost, best delivery, and should have the lowest operations cost.”
Customer Testimonial #2
“The Questor Q500 has operated trouble free for 7 winters since we installed it. The only expenses have been for routine maintenance. No major maintenance or repairs have been required.”
Customer Testimonial #3
“I would like to commend your company on producing a very functional, efficient, easy to operate and maintain TOX for plant. The plant group has received excellent service and runtime, so much so that I requested and received another unit for the expansion project we are completing now.

(Your service technicians’) past efforts and service to this plant have been vital in a successful and timely commissioning. (They) goes above and beyond to help us achieve success.

It is a pleasure to work with competent and knowledgeable people with an excellent product.”

Customer Testimonial #4
“(Our Company) is proud to be working together with QTI. On occasion we have collaborated equipment ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly project. These sour operations were completed successfully in sensitive areas without any harm with respective residences.

I have experienced only positive results from QTI’s equipment and service in all aspects of operations.

I would recommend QTI’s equipment and service to any client that may require dependable expertise involving challenging working environments.”

Customer Testimonial #5
“There were a number of applications where QTI had provided incineration technology to (our Company), however the more critical ones were on waste streams with high H2S content.

One such application was an acid gas enhanced oil recovery scheme and another was on an extended well testing involving 21% H2S in a landowner-sensitive and mountainous region. Both jobs went perfectly. We included numerous ground level monitors on both tests and there were never any indications of SO2 or H2S.

I attribute our successes on all of this work to QTI’s incinerator technology, their expertise, prompt response to any questions that were raised and insightful understanding of this industry. In addition to the superior combustion technology, another technical advantage is QTI’s ability to connect their incinerators to PLC’s for efficient control.

I highly recommend QTI incinerators.”

Customer Testimonial #6
“(Our Company) has found that Questor has a most versatile product for the oil and gas industry and numerous other industrial applications. They have a technically sound staff who resolve client issues in an innovative and cost effective manner. Questor is most worthy of industry consideration, as their track record has demonstrated.”
Customer Testimonial #7
“Questor Technology provided a Q250 incinerator to (our facility) on a long term rental. The incinerator replaced an existing incinerator that was over sized for current process demands. The equipment was commissioned in September 2007 and is currently operational.

Questor provided a solution that was easily implemented and simple to operate and control. They were very responsive to our tight start-up schedule and their technician also provided on-site training for our operators.”

Customer Testimonial #8